Why Buy HONOR Phones?

HONOR Phones

You may be thinking about buying an HONOR smartphone. Rightfully so, it is a good choice for you to ponder about getting any of the devices produced by HONOR. The HONOR Magic4 Lite is a great example of a phone that you may want to get. There are many other devices that you should consider buying from HONOR- the Magic V2 folding phone, the powerful cameras of Magic5 Pro, and the expensive HONOR 90 device. Why should you purchase HONOR phones?

Reasons to Buy HONOR Phones

Build quality

One of the main reasons to get HONOR smartphones is because of their durability. HONOR is quite popular for the laboratory tests that it does on their smartphones. You can take a look at the mobile phones produced by HONOR and you will say that they are indeed very reliable devices. The HONOR Magic 4 Lite is made of quality materials. The individual parts are also very durable. Another example is the HONOR X7. It has undergone various tests to ensure that it can withstand the daily wear and tear of usage.

Some of the tests done by HONOR on their devices include the Power Button test which is done 200,000 times, the Touch Screen Durability Test done 800,000 times, a maximum load of 70kg, the Finger button Test 200,000 times, and the Temperature Cycle Test between -20 degrees to 55 degrees Celsius.


The different HONOR phones are known for their elegant designs. The HONOR Magic5 Pro utilizes the Eye of Muse on the back of the phone with the camera setup. The Magic V2 has a foldable design with dual screens on the interior and exterior of the device. The frame of the flagship phones is made of metal while the rear is made of glass. All the phones from HONOR have been meticulously designed so that they will look luxurious to the hand without compromising the functionality and usability of these devices.

IP Rating

You will find HONOR phones that are protected from dust and water. The HONOr Magic5 Pro has an IP68 rating. This means that you can submerge this device up to 1.5 meters for 30 minutes. The same is true for the HONOR Magic4 Pro. Both phones are also protected from dust without the need for extra cases or covers.

IP means Ingress Protection. This rating is given to those devices that can protect themselves from interaction with dust and fresh water. The manufacturer has made sure that the body of these devices will not be damaged when encountering the elements.

Battery Life

A feature that is likable with all HONOR smartphones is the battery life. All the HONOR phones have a battery that is at least 4500mAh. The flagship phones even exceed 5000mAh. This makes all the other features better because you can maximize these devices throughout the day on a single charge. Combining the performance of HONOR phones with the battery life makes the devices effective and efficient to use.


The HONOR brand has produced the best smartphones in recent years. It has gone toe-to-toe with other phone manufacturers and it has even edged out its competitors in the flagship smartphones. HONOR continues to innovate and their products will become better each year. If you want to have the best value for your money, you should look into the phones offered by HONOR. The HONOR Magic 4 Lite is a good device to start with. You may also like the Magic V2 and the Vs. The HONOR 90 is a nice phone as well. Choose any of these phones and you will surely get a good and reliable brand in HONOR.