What is a half-one handicap?

Half 1 handicap is a fairly common type of bet in betting, but for newbies it may not be clear. Join Bet22 to learn in detail through the article below to understand more fully about this betting concept.

                            1. What is the half-one handicap?

The half-one handicap is also known in the betting world as the 3/4 handicap, the 3/4 handicap, or the 0.75 or 0.5 – 1 handicap. To put it simply, this bet means the handicap team wins. If you win one goal you get half the money, if you win 2 goals you get all the money. Usually this form of bet is popular with online betting forms. Like other forms of handicap betting, half-one bets often appear in matches with differences in strength and ranking position.

With this betting method, the upper team will handicap the lower team with -0.75 goals, and the lower team will handicap the upper team with +0.75 goals. Through these numbers, players will see the current strength of the two teams.

                            2. How to play half one handicap

After answering the question of what is half one handicap, we will learn how to play half one handicap effectively. On bookies, the symbol for this bet is usually 0.5/1 or 0.75.

If the player chooses the upper hand, then when the upper hand wins with a difference of 2 goals or more, they will win all the money. If the upper team only wins by 1 goal, then placing the upper bet will win half the money and if placing the lower bet will only lose half the money. When the score is tied or the underdog wins, the underdog team will lose all their money.

               3. Easy-to-win half-one handicap betting technique

According to the experience shared by many experts, these odds will only appear when the favorite team has a particularly strong attack, often scores in recent matches and always has a stable performance. Therefore, when playing a match with these odds, players also need to have a different strategy than the “hundred matches, hundred wins” bet.

One of the betting experiences that many people pass on to each other is to rely on the odds offered by the house to choose the correct bet. If the house still holds the upper team handicapping the lower -3/4, then the winning ratio will be 0.80, then you should choose the lower team.

In case the match takes place on the field of the superior team and has a strong attack, you should choose the upper bet. Because advantages such as performance, attack, tactics, and home field are also things that help the upper team easily score goals with a wide margin.

The amount of bet in the handicap is equal to or higher than 0.85. About 4 hours before the match, if the bookmaker continuously changes and increases or decreases the odds, then 30 minutes before kick-off, it will suddenly increase again. Then when you should choose the home team, victory will definitely be for you.

In addition, there is a way to bet that many experts share, which is to calmly watch the match for about 15 minutes, then wait for the handicap to go down, then choose the upper team. 

   4. What is the difference between a half-one handicap and a half-left handicap?

If comparing the half-left handicap (½ handicap), the first half handicap (¾ handicap) is more complicated and the way to calculate the bet is also different, the calculation will be based on the number of goals scored in the match. That is the reason why many players have chosen to wait for the bet to change from half one handicap to half left handicap to place bets. Because the ½ handicap will win in full with any score and the under bet will also lose everything, there is no such thing as losing half the money. This will increase the risk for bettors, in return you can predict and win big.

Above is the information to answer the question of what is a half first handicap, sharing some effective experiences in playing half first handicap. Wishing you success with every type of bet you choose.