The Diary of an Instagram Video Ad Maker: A Peek Behind a Campaign

In the changing realm of digital marketing Instagram has become a dominant platform for businesses to connect with their target audience. 

Among the forms of engaging content, on Instagram, video ads reign supreme and crafting a campaign requires both artistic finesse and scientific precision. 

Today we embark on a journey behind the curtain of a marketers journal sharing the obstacles faced lessons learned and triumphs achieved during the development of an Instagram video ad campaign.

The Conception of an Idea

Every campaign begins with a flicker of inspiration. In our case, it originated from a brainstorming session with our marketing team focused on promoting our line of environmentally conscious fashion products. 

Our aim was not to showcase the style and quality of our offerings but to emphasize our brand’s commitment to sustainability.

The idea that emerged was to create a captivating Instagram video ad that would take viewers on a voyage through the lifecycle of our eco friendly products, from their humble raw materials to being embraced by delighted customers. 

We firmly believed that narrating this story would not only captivate our audience but also deeply resonate with those who hold fashion in high regard.

Developing the Storyline

After finalizing our concept, the next crucial step involved crafting a captivating narrative for our Instagram video advertisement. 

We recognized that simply displaying our products wouldn’t suffice; we aimed to establish a connection with our audience.

Our narrative centered around the theme of “Embarking on a Journey.” It commenced with scenes of nature showcasing the materials used in creating our products. 

The story then seamlessly transitioned to behind the scenes glimpses of our artisans handcrafting each item. Finally, we showcased content customers wearing our products in real life settings. 

This constructed storyline effectively conveyed both our brand’s commitment to sustainability and quality while evoking a heartfelt response from viewers. Visit our website if you’re looking for a trustworthy way to get out to your target market.

Overcoming Challenges

Creating an Instagram video ad with a conceptualized idea came with its fair share of obstacles. Here are some of the challenges we encountered;

1. Time Restraints: We faced a timeline for launching the ad in conjunction with an industry event where we planned to showcase our eco friendly product range. Consequently, every aspect of the campaign, from filming to editing, required efficiency.

2. Budgetary Limitations: Similar to businesses, we had constraints that necessitated careful consideration during planning and execution.

Instagram ads can be quite effective. They can also become expensive if not managed wisely. We needed to find a way to create an ad while staying within our budget.

3. Creative Approach: Transforming our story into a narrative required perspective. We had to select the settings, models, and props to effectively convey our brand’s message.

4. Ad Format Selection: Instagram provides ad formats such as Stories, Feed, and IGTV. Choosing the format for our campaign was a crucial decision.

Key Takeaways

During the process of developing our Instagram video ad campaign, we gained insights that can benefit any marketer.

1. Effective. Prioritization: Planning serves as the foundation for any campaign. Develop a schedule, prioritize tasks, and allocate resources efficiently to meet your deadlines.

2. Smart Budgeting: Consider budget constraints while also thinking about long term return on investment. Quality and creativity often surpass quantity.

3. Emotion Fuels Engagement: Emotions resonate with people deeply. If you can evoke a response from your viewers, your ad is more likely to make an impact.

4. The Power of Storytelling: Craft a narrative that takes viewers on a journey. A captivating story has the power to distinguish your brand from competitors.

5. Teamwork is Essential: Creating an Instagram video ad requires effort. Join forces with experts who specialize in aspects of ad production, such as videography and editing.

The Process of Production

With our plan in place and the lessons we learned in mind, we embarked on the production journey. Here’s an insight into what it involved;

1. Pre production: This phase encompassed planning, including scouting locations, selecting models, and gathering props. Our aim was to ensure that every element of our ad, from visuals to the script, aligned seamlessly with our narrative.

2. Production: The shooting process was a whirlwind of activity. We captured the beauty of nature. Showcased the craftsmanship of our artisans, paying meticulous attention to detail in each scene.

3. Editing: Post production was where the magic happened. Our talented editor skillfully intertwined scenes while adding music and captions to amplify the impact of our ad. Through this process, we also managed to stay within budget by focusing on what mattered.

4. Refinement: We conducted test ads to gauge audience reactions. Made necessary adjustments based on valuable feedback received.

We went through a process to refine our campaign and make it as impactful as possible.

Reflecting on Success

As we celebrated the success of our Instagram video ad campaign, we took some time to reflect on the journey. It wasn’t without its challenges and long hours; however, it was truly rewarding. Here are some key lessons we learned;

Emotions Drive Sales: The emotional storytelling in our ad had an impact on our audience. It serves as a reminder that people connect with stories and emotions more than with products.

Prioritizing Quality: Despite facing budget constraints, we made sure not to compromise on the excellence of our advertisement. This decision proved fruitful, as it resulted in increased engagement and conversions.

Adaptability: Remaining open to feedback and being willing to make necessary adjustments played a role. Our iterative approach enabled us to tune our campaign for effectiveness.

Collaboration is Vital: Aiding us in bringing our vision to life was a team of professionals, including videographers and editors.

Planning Reward: The extensive upfront planning ensured the execution of our campaign while meeting deadlines.


To sum up, crafting a triumphant Instagram video ad campaign demands planning, creativity, and unwavering determination. It’s a journey filled with challenges and valuable lessons learned. 

However when executed skillfully it can yield outcomes that leave a lasting impact on your audience while driving conversions for your brand.

As marketers we must continue embracing the power of storytelling and evoking emotions within our campaigns. 

By sharing our experiences and insights we have the potential to inspire others to embark on their journeys in the realm of Instagram video advertising. This will enable them to forge connections, with their audience while achieving their marketing objectives.