Everyone Loves Formal Dresses

Formal dresses are perfect in all ways. They help you make a statement, make you look and feel confident, and also amplify your personality in a room full of people. 

The key is to remember that formal dresses can be worn for cocktail parties, professional gatherings, a formal lunch or dinner, or even a small get-together that is with professionals. 

If you have been wondering how to get your fix of formal dresses, you need to keep a few things in mind.

Formal dresses need not be boring

Formal dresses aren’t supposed to be boring or drab. You can experiment as much as you want as long as you are following the dress code. 

You can find something that will accentuate your body while also giving you a formal look that is perfect for the evening. 

Consider the occasion

In order to pick the right dress, you also need to consider the occasion. Make sure you understand the theme of the formal meeting or occasion aptly before searching for the perfect dress. When you understand what to wear, it gets easier for you to narrow down your choices of formal dresses and work with them. 

Let the dress reflect your personality

Just because you are dressing more professionally doesn’t mean you need to subdue yourself. Choose something that will reflect your personality and taste, as that is the most organic and confident thing you can do. When you feel confident in what you are wearing, you are able to carry yourself more elegantly and with an air of self-assurance. 

For instance, if you are into dresses that are floor-length, go for them. Other options include pantsuits, pencil skirts, midi skirts, wraparound dresses, bodycon dresses with long sleeves etc. 

Choose something that fits you

That is not it; you also need to go through formal dresses that fit you to find the one that suits you. Pick something that you will be able to move around in without the risk of feeling uncomfortable. Make sure you are able to sit in it and walk around as well. 

The fabric matters

You need to pick the right kind of fabric as well. When we talk about formal dresses, you need to think of something that speaks volumes but is still understated. Satin, cotton, and linen are good options for dresses for cocktails, professional parties and similar occasions. 

Pick something that hugs your body in the right places but doesn’t make you feel like you are wearing something too tight. 

Another key point is that the fitting should be ideal as well. Do not shy from getting the dress altered according to your preference. This way you will be able to have a formal dress that will be tailored for you. 

Accessorize accordingly 

This is an incredibly important part when it comes to formal dresses. Such outfits are usually designed in a plain and understated manner so that you don’t look out of place. In order to make the outfit look more like you, you need to accessorize smartly. The key to accessorizing is as follows  – 

  1. Choose a single tone for your accessories, such as gold or silver. 
  2. If you are wearing big earrings, wear a simple chain or leave your neck bare.
  3. Chunky watches, and bracelets will help if you are wearing short sleeves or strapless. 
  4. The key is to match your footwear and handbag so that your outfit looks cohesive.
  5. Try to bring variation in fabrics. If your dress is satin, try going for a velvet or leather bag and footwear.
  6. Do not over-accessorize; keep it minimal but statement-worthy. 
  7. Do not forget to read through the guidelines for the event. Accessorize accordingly. 
  8. One statement piece of jewellery can turn the look of your formal dresses around. Make sure it compliments your dress and doesn’t stand out in a way that is jarring. 

Other points to remember for formal dresses

There are some other things you need to remember when you are trying to shop for and style formal dresses. 

Remember your body type

Make sure whatever dress you buy suits your body type accordingly. Do not hesitate to highlight your curves and wearing something that will make you look good.

Pick the right innerwear

This is extremely important. Formal dresses are made with fabrics that are more high-maintenance than your regular ones. Make sure you wear inner wear that is seamless and gives your body a good profile but doesn’t stand out in an unflattering way. 

If you keep these points in mind, you will be able to wear dresses that will make you look perfect. Browse through our wide range of formal dresses and figure out which one suits you best. The biggest advice is to keep looking until you find something that speaks to you and makes you feel good about your look.