Designing with Mac: The 6 Ultimate Apps for Creative Professionals

Designers consider macOS the operating system of choice because it is user-friendly and well-optimized, and they access a vast expanse of designing tools. Whether an illustrator or a professional artist, you can consider the following apps to streamline your workflow. And once you have installed your preferred applications, you can quickly access them in the Applications folder. For those wondering where is Applications folder on MacBook, it can be found in the Finder navigation, Spotlight, or Launchpad. You can even place it in the Dock for quick access. 

Let’s look at the top applications for designers. 

  • Adobe Creative Cloud 

Adobe Creative Cloud is the industry standard in design. It is a suite of design and editing apps from Adobe Inc., and the pricing starts from $52.99 a month. An Adobe Creative Cloud subscription will give you access to all the Creative Cloud applications. 

Whether you are running a design agency or a freelancer, subscribing to this suite of apps will give you access to the following:

  • Illustrator – The go-to design application for creating vector art and illustrations. 
  • Photoshop – The app is perfect for creating beautiful graphics, art, and photos. 
  • InDesign – This app lets you design and publish elegant layouts for print and digital. 
  • Lightroom – This is the ultimate app for capturing amazing photos, editing lighting, and personalizing them to specific requirements. 
  • Creative Cloud Express – This enables designers to instantly create content by using one of the pre-made templates. You can choose from hundreds of templates. 

Creative Cloud is packed with features, and there’s also a free trial available. Hence, this is regarded as the ultimate choice for creative professionals. 

  • Adobe XD

Adobe XD is an all-inclusive tool for UX designers, and it is currently free to use for Creative Cloud subscribers. XD has a minimal interface, so newbie designers find it easy to install and start using it. 

Adobe XD doesn’t come with a steep learning curve like Illustrator and Photoshop. Anyone can start using the app to churn out wireframes and functional prototypes. Since the app is packed with features, it is also a good choice for experienced designers. 

  • Figma 

Figma is a widely popular design application for web designers and developers. From designing app concepts to wireframes, the app offers a wide range of different styles and components. 

The app is also known for its collaborative properties, and its online whiteboard is called FigJam. The whiteboard is perfect for brainstorming ideas, mapping user flows, reviewing processes, etc. 

Figma gives you a host of options, including a fantastic pen tool, OpenType support, and arc designs, and provides quality-of-life improvements like Auto Layouts, stretch to-fill, and automatic resizing. 

Furthermore, Figma has hundreds of plugins that designers use to optimize their workflow and enhance their designs. All you need to do is find the plugin of your choice and then customize it. You can even create custom plugins and distribute them. 

  • Mockuuups Studio 

Mockuuups Studio is a tool that must be in a graphic designer’s kitty. This tool helps designers create pictures for portfolios, presentations, and social media. 

Create blog posts, marketing materials, or Facebook banners by picking mockups from more than six hundred different scenes with different backgrounds, angles, and types of devices. 

  • Affinity Designer 

Affinity Designer harnesses the power of the M1 chips, including the Ultra and Max chips. The app is regarded as one of the best in the design industry and is perfect for designing UI mockups, icons, logos, interface designs, etc. 

The minimalist approach of the app is truly liked by professional illustrators. You do not have to worry about bloatware. 

When the app is opened, you are given a blank canvas and have the option to choose from a wide range of tools. The Affinity Designer engine has the ability to handle thousands of objects without lagging. Also, it gives designers a live outline view for choosing objects accurately. 

It is possible to quickly switch between vector and raster workspaces, add or eliminate grain, edit individual pixels, or clip layers. The application offers different time-saving features, ranging from auto-snapping and alignment, saveable history option, to a lot of customizable keyboard shortcuts. 

  • ColorSlurp 

ColorSlurp is one of the well-regarded tools for designers. It allows designers to quickly choose a color they want from the screen. The app comes with a magnifier, so it makes it easier to select a color from the screen.

The app allows designers to organize and create palettes using a wide range of editing tools and check the contrast. The options can be exported and synced with iCloud. 

The Bottom Line 

These are the six ultimate applications for creative professionals to boost their design capabilities and acquire new skills. The apps have a user-friendly interface, and they can take your design work to the next level However, you should now that there are many other apps, like in HR field, and companies like INS Global can help you get to know them